Today we operated one aircraft up North in the Bountiful Sessions.  Another aircraft flew in Cardiff Fork, Days Fork, and Mineral Fork.  Our third aircraft flew out of the Heber airport into Cascade.  Tomorrow 1-24-2015 we will be operating one aircraft in Cascade.  A second aircraft will be operating throughout the Tri Canyons.  With the snow pack and the quality of skiing here in the Wasatch we are looking hard for good skiing and hunting and pecking throughout our permitted terrain.  What this means is we will be moving throughout the the terrain finding pockets of good skiing here and there.  We will not have a heavy consolidated presence in one specific drainage.  Tomorrow we intend our operations in Tri Canyon Area to be focused in Cardiff Fork, Days Fork, Silver Fork, Mineral Fork, and White Pine.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.