Today we began with a helicopter briefing for Alta Ski Patrol.  We like to brief and familiarize ski patrol from all the resorts on helicopter procedures, our systems, and basic helicopter orientation so they are informed on proper helicopter usage and techniques if they were to be called upon in a rescue situation.  Afterwards we took 7 people into North Facing Grizzly for an avalanche awareness class.  The class began with an indoor classroom segment and concluded with a helicopter ride into the field for a field session and workshop.  It went really well and the people gained some new knowledge on traveling safely in the backcountry.  Tomorrow 1/9/2015 we will be conducting another avalanche awareness class so you can anticipate us flying 3 loads into North Facing Grizzly around noon for the field session.  Also there is a possibility of us operating one aircraft in American Fork and Cascade.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.