Today we operated one helicopter in the Tri-Canyons.  We started out in Cardiff Fork and then moved to Mill Creek Canyon.  A second helicopter flew from our Canyons Operation to American Fork.  A Third helicopter flew south to the mountains outside of Provo and then worked its way back through American Fork as well.  Tomorrow 2-15-2015, as always on Sunday, we will not be skiing in the Tri-Canyons.  There are still some good lines throughout many of the drainages for the creative ski tourer.  Seek out some fresh snow or corn skiing in the Tri-Canyons if you want to avoid us, otherwise we will be skiing in American Fork and further south in Cascade.  Enjoy the skiing out there and watch the warm temperatures and those sunny aspects.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.