Today we had no operations.  Right now we are hunting and pecking for corn skiing and due to the cold temperatures and winds today the corn did not develop in the backcountry.  Tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to rise so the corn hunting is on.  Tomorrow 2-18-2015 we will be using three helicopters to fly skiers in the backcountry.  One helicopter will be flying in American Fork.  A second helicopter will be flying south to the mountains outside provo which we call Cascade.  Lastly our third helicopter will be flying north to the Sessions and Francis Peak.  As our plan stands right now we are not going to be flying in the Tri-Canyon area but this does not exclude us from changing our plans if we need to.  We will update if this happens. Enjoy the skiing and happy corn hunting.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.