Today we had a limited commercial operation fly north to the Sessions.  Our other plans for today never materialized due to weather.  Tomorrow 2-22-2015 we will be using an earned monday to operate in the Tri-Canyons.  Per our permit if we give up a Saturday in the Tri-Canyons and operate elsewhere in our permitted terrain we gain a future monday to operate in the Tri-Canyons.  We did this on December 27th.  We will be flying in multiple drainages including Cardiff Fork, Days Fork, Silver Fork, Mineral Fork, and Mill Creek Canyons.  Also, tomorrow, we will be flying skiers around American Fork.  A second helicopter will be taking skiers north to the Sessions in the mountains outside Bountiful.  Our third aircraft will be flying south to Cascade in the mountains outside Provo.  Enjoy the fresh snow and if you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.