Today we operated one helicopter throughout the Tri-Canyons with focus in Cardiff and Days Forks.  A second helicopter flew south to the mountains outside Provo in the terrain we call Cascade.  A third helicopter operated throughout American Fork and then dropped a group of skiers who then skied to Little Cottonwood Road via the White Pine drainage.  Because we skied to the road and did not use a helicopter to pick up this group we did not operate two helicopters in the Tri-Canyons today.  Reports from the field concluded that the skiing in the backcountry was good and they found some nice corn skiing.  Tomorrow 3-14-2015 we have a very similar itinerary for the day.  One helicopter will be operating throughout the drainages in the Tri-Canyons including Cardiff, Days, Silver, Mineral and Mill Creek Canyon.  Because the skiing is sparse and we are hunting and pecking for good snow and corn skiing we may use two helicopters in the Tr-Canyons and this second helicopter will be picking up runs in American Fork and White Pine.  A third helicopter will be taking a group of skiers south to Cascade.  Enjoy the skiing and we hope you find some nice corn skiing out there.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.