Today we did not operate due to weather.  The skiing was excellent with all the new storm snow and we hope you got a chance to get out in it.  Tomorrow 3-4-2015 we have a big day planned.  We will begin the morning with a control mission for Alta.  A second helicopter will be doing our own control mission in Mineral Fork, American Fork, and Cascade where we will be using explosives to get some data on how reactive the storm snow is and how well it is bonding in the snowpack.  We will continue the day with commercial operations.  We will be using one helicopter to take skiers to American Fork.  Our second helicopter will be flying further south to the mountains outside Provo in Cascade.  Lastly our third helicopter will be flying skiers throughout many drainages in the Tri-Canyons including Cardiff, Days, Silver, and Mineral Forks and we may be in Mill Creek as well.  Enjoy the skiing in the backcountry and be safe.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.