Today 1-11-2016 we operated in American Fork as well as further south in Cascade.  We found very good skiing and with these cold nights, the surface snow has remained light.  The wind ticked up a  notch in the last 24 hours and put a little effect on the surface snow but not enough to cause any alarm.  You may have also seen us using a helicopter to assist UDOT in maintaining the O'Bellx, a new avalanche control device from France, on the south ridge of Mt. Superior.  Tuesday 1-12-2016 we will be skiing in a variety of circuits throughout the range.  You can expect to see us in Mill Creek, White Pine, Cardiff Fork, Mineral Fork, Days Fork, and Silver Fork.  We will also be further south in American Fork as well as in the Cascade region.  We will be spreading our operations throughout the range in order to lessen the effects on one drainage.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.