Today 1-21-2016 we did not operate due to weather.  High winds and precipitation in Little Cottonwood kept us from launching into the the field.  Thursday 1-21-2016 we have a busy day.  First thing in the morning we will be helping UDOT with avalanche control work in LCC.  We will also be conducting our own avalanche stability analysis throughout backcountry.  We will be sending out missions north to Cardiff, Days, Mineral, and Silver forks and continuing to the Sessions outside Bountiful.  We will also be analyzing stability in American Fork and south in Cascade.  When those missions are complete we will be taking skiers into those same circuits and utilizing multiple drainages to ski multiple groups through.  You can also expect to see us in Mill Creek and Box Canyon.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.