Today 1-22-2016 we operated in American Fork, Cascade, The Sessions, as well as in the Tri-Canyons in multiple drainages including Cardiff, Days, and Silver Forks.  We found good to very good skiing in the backcountry today and stuck to lower angle slopes with good protection from the wind and avoided slopes that took on heat the previous day.  The snow was dense powder skiing that had thickened throughout the day due to warmer temperatures and wind press.  Saturday 1-23-2016 we will begin our day by taking Snowbird Ski Patrol to the Twin Peaks of Snowbird as well as Silver Creek to assist in their avalanche control and resort operations.  We will continue the day by operating in the Tri-Canyons including White Pine and multiple drainages north including Cardiff, Days, and Silver Forks.  We will also be taking skiers further north in the Sessions.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.