Today 2-18-2016 we did not fly due to weather.  Very strong winds and precipitation kept our helicopters on the ground throughout the day.  If you had a chance to observe this winter storm, it was a dramatic one.  The snow that fell was very dense and should make for some nice surfy turns in the backcountry.  Friday 2-19-2016 we will be operating throughout our permitted terrain and we will be operating one helicopter in the Tri-Canyons.  You can expect to see us in Cardiff, Days, Silver, and Mineral Forks.  You can also expect to see us in American Fork and further south in Cascade.  We will also be taking skiers north of I-80 in the Sessions.  We will be utilizing multiple helicopters within multiple drainages throughout the range to find the best skiing for our clients as well as to minimize our impact on one specific area.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.