Today we operated one aircraft in American Fork.  A second aircraft flew in Mineral Fork, Cardiff Fork, Days Fork, and Mill Creek.  A third aircraft flew up north to the Sessions.  Reports from the field indicated the skiing being very good in the backcountry.  Tomorrow 2-6-2015 we will be skiing in the Tri-Canyons. We will be operating one aircraft in Cardiff Fork, Days Fork, Silver Fork, Mineral Fork, and Mill Creek.  A second aircraft will be taking skiers up north to the Sessions outside of Bountiful and a third helicopter will be flying south to American Fork and Cascade.  The areas we are permitted to ski in are multi-use, shared terrain.  We intend to respectfully share the backcountry areas with other users.  We do not under any circumstances reserve certain terrain for ourselves.  The purpose of this blog is to notify other users of our intentions for the day, though they may change.  Have a great day of skiing and if you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.