Today we operated one aircraft in American Fork.  Due to the high winds our operations were cut short.  Tomorrow 2-7-2015 we will be operating one aircraft in the Tri-Canyons in multiple drainages including Cardiff, Days, Silver, Mineral, and Mill Creek.  A second helicopter will be taking guests into American Fork.  A third helicopter will either be flying north to the Sessions or south to Cascade.  We will update in the morning.  There are some Saturdays throughout the season we decide not to operate in the Tri-Canyon area.  Upon doing so, per our permit, we gain a go ahead to then operate in the Tri-Canyons on a future Monday.  We will make it clear in the blog if this decision has been made.  Tomorrow we will be skiing multiple drainages in the Tri-Canyons.  The Designated Wilderness areas in the Wasatch are places we, unless under special circumstances, are restricted from landing a helicopter.  If you are worried about backcountry traffic these wilderness zones are good places to go.  If you have any questions give us a call at 801-742-2800.